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Biggest Communication Mistake Leaders Make

by on March 23, 2016

I’m often asked by people who learn that I’m a Communications Consultant: “If you could only choose one thing, what’s the biggest mistake leaders make when they communicate?”  My answer: Speaking from THEIR perspective, not the audience’s perspective.  After more than 15  years of working with leaders from all over the world, I find that most speakers think of communication as output. “Here’s what I have to say that they need to hear…”  We’ve said before, communication is all about IMPACT. Since no one will remember everything you say — WHAT will they remember, and WHAT will resonate? Do you know what kinds of things will resonate with your audience? What words have the most impact with them?

We filter everything we hear, and mostly during the day we hear blah blah blah… until a speaker says something compelling, or extremely relevant. So, leaders should first think about what they want to say… but next think about what their audience cares about, what resonates with them… and think about how to craft their important messages in a way that will interest and motivate THAT audience.

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